Unfavorable – Prologue

According to the history books, about 3000 years ago, Earth-that-was became overpopulated.  The nation’s leaders at the time, described as the UN, or United Nations, decided the best plan of action was to create Earth-like planets for the general populous to inhabit. There are 15 manmade planets rotating around suns in 15 different solar systems in an attempt to avoid history repeating itself. Each planet is named after one of Jupiter’s many moons from the solar system Earth-that-was belonged to: the Milky Way. The scientist who created the idea for these planets named them. Apparently his favorite planet in the Milky Way was Jupiter.

As far as I know, we are unaware of how the other planets have colonized, or of their progress. The Governor, our current leader, may have details, but it isn’t circulated to the general public. There’s nothing in the history books about any of the other humans that left Earth-that-was, or even those who remained on the planet. From what I understand, the consensus was to focus on creating a future rather than reliving the past. So, the past from Earth-that-was has been omitted. When they left, the spaceship only contained so much fuel and so many resources the leaders of these new planets believed necessary to arrive safely at their designated planet and to start a new civilization. I’m not sure anyone remembers the history of Earth-that-was anymore, only of what we have created in our time off of it. It isn’t even passed down from generation to generation.

The planet I live on is called Leda. It was placed in a solar system within the Whirlpool Galaxy, which is slightly smaller than the Milky Way. The solar system we are in now is called Nebula. When he left Earth-that-was, our leader wanted to create the most advanced humans and aid evolution by rounding up the most talented and promising in their fields; art, science, math, entertainment, etc. The only aspect of Earth-that-was we no longer practice, is the investment in sports. We have recreational sports, such as badminton, cricket, and golf; however, we don’t compete. The man who started all of this was named Nevada Geha. Except, instead of calling them scientists or doctors, he formed new names for these fields; new titles for a new world and new society. Each individual is categorized by the work that is chosen for them: Loyals, Developers, Healers, Drudges, and Artists. There are rumors of those called The Unfavorable and Burners, but I haven’t seen them.

Loyals are those who scored the highest in loyalty. They become our colonies guards and military, along with keeping the peace outside and inside the walls. Developers are anyone that helps with any advancement that improves our way of life or way of thinking. Healers are the doctors and nurses of our time. Drudges are what we call the individuals who work on the farms outside the wall and grow our food. Artists are those skilled in painting or sculpting, who create all the art we have in our museums and galleries. This also includes anyone gifted in acting, singing, or comedy. Anyone that doesn’t fit into any of these categories is deemed unfit to reside within our city.

Geha also created the governmental structure that our colony adheres to. I cannot speak for the others on this planet. When he passed, leaders were chosen to form other colonies across this planet and they built on what he started so long ago. There is no religion anymore. We value Geha’s accomplishments and history as if he were a god as he began what we have today, but I’m not sure I can follow suit with everyone else.

Our society is one created strictly from Terra itself. No pesticides or harmful chemicals are allowed unless it is working towards new medical or scientific advances. Our biologists are constantly working on advances in health, and are continually curing diseases and bettering mankind. Unfortunately, there are as many issues with human physiology as there are stars in our galaxy, which complicates the process.

We also have farmsteads outside the wall which encircles our colonies. The walls keep us safe from the wildlife that was brought from our previous world in order to bring a sense of familiarity to this new, foreign world. What started as one colony has spread to 12 across our planet. Each with their own rules and governments, yet all of them similar to what Geha began; with hundreds of thousands of miles separating each one.

As far as the history books go, each one has their own ways of guiding and hastening evolution but they could have deviated from the original plan set for us so long ago by the man who saved us. I can only imagine what life in one of the other colonies is like. I like to think that the other colonies are safer than this – the other planets, too. Our leaders may talk to each other but they don’t communicate. Not with the citizens, at least. There’s no reassurance that there’s any contact with anyone further away than the farms surrounding the city. We are told that the men who speak for us are trustworthy, and there is no need to question their methods or the knowledge they refuse to share with us. I’m beginning to doubt that idea.

We call our colony Geha after the man who started our civilization, as ours was the first he established on this planet. After he passed, those he left behind held him in such high esteem that they wanted to continue his legacy of trying to create the perfect human. Of course, everyone has a different view of what perfect is. The original leaders agreed that the best way to manipulate evolution to find that perfect human was to weed out anyone who was merely average, and that picking couples to try and create a child that was above average was the best way to do this. The Main Frame was a computer born to read the blood of each individual and reveal their IQ, read what proficiency he or she possessed, use that information to give them a career, and then pair them with a mate. Thankfully, the two matched together don’t have to start making babies right away. They are allowed five years to become acquainted and comfortable with each other before required to produce offspring.

As our biologists, healers, and developers didn’t want to waste the time and manpower performing the tests themselves. They made a machine that simply draws the blood and runs it into the Main Frame to test while the subject waits for their fate. All a healer needs to do is take the needle, poke the subject, and make sure it is secure.

The IQ blood test is called the Bleeding Rite because of the massive amount needed for them to perform the tests. Birthdays are not celebrated. The day that is recognized, is when you turn 16. It is the day you must go to Central Hall and have blood drawn. A passing grade means staying within the confines of the walls surrounding the colony and living a carefree life working in a career that has the best individualized opportunities. Anyone who fails the exam, or even scores average, is taken away from their families and placed elsewhere that can help them better themselves. They are placed into special schools and careers that is right for them, given the score they received. At least, that’s what we’re told.


Published Waiting a Lifetime!!!

Hey friends,

Thank you so much for tagging along on this journey with me. I’ve finally finished editing and updating Waiting a Lifetime and am SO HAPPY with the result. I’ve published it on Amazon.com and it’s now available for purchase. If you want to own this book and enjoy reading the additions to it, here’s a link you can follow to purchase it:


If you have kindle unlimited then the book is free! If not, I hope you still choose to buy it. I changed quite a bit, so it’ll still be interesting to read. I loved reading this book over and over while editing it, so I hope you feel it’s worth reading more than once like I do.

I can’t wait to hear your opinions. Once you’ve finished reading it, I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I check Amazon.com and Goodreads every day for new reviews and posts, and I get emails for my wordpress blog when a comment is posted. PLEASE let me know what you think.

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!!!

Published!!! Waiting a Lifetime is live!!!

Hey friends,

Thank you so much for tagging along on this journey with me. I’ve finally finished editing and updating Waiting a Lifetime and am SO HAPPY with the result. I’ve published it on Amazon.com and it’s now available for purchase. If you want to own this book and enjoy reading the additions to it, here’s a link you can follow to purchase it:

If you have kindle unlimited then the book is free! If not, I hope you still choose to buy it. I changed quite a bit, so it’ll still be interesting to read. I loved reading this book over and over while editing it, so I hope you feel it’s worth reading more than once like I do.

I can’t wait to hear your opinions. Once you’ve finished reading it, I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I check Amazon.com and Goodreads every day for new reviews and posts, and I get emails for my wordpress blog when a comment is posted. PLEASE let me know what you think.

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!!!

Waiting a Lifetime – Update

Hey readers!

First of all, I want to thank you for reading my book and enjoying the story with me. I’ve loved this novel from the very beginning and can’t believe how many people feel the same as I do about it!

I’ve been working diligently on getting Waiting a Lifetime prepared for publishing and am  so very close! No physical copies for now, but eBooks will be available by the end of the month. I’m getting my last edits back today!

Those of you who have already read through the book may not think buying it is a good idea, which I completely understand. However, you’ll be missing out on all the content that I added in my editing process! I also changed the entire book from past tense to present tense, which has made it even more exciting, in my opinion.

I’ll keep everyone updated on the progress of publishing. It’ll be ready for pre-sale within the next couple of weeks. If you don’t buy it, I’m not worried about it, I’m just grateful that I’ve had some amazing support through this process!

Stay tuned for more of my work. I’ll be posted periodically with chapters of other novels that I’m currently working on. Please let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like to see, or if you have any comments or concerns. I would LOVE to hear from everyone!

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Moonlite Clarity – Chapter 1

“Mom?” I breathed into my cell phone receiver.

I could hear some shuffling on the other end of the line, but no one answered. She must be trying to stop dad from doing something that might get himself hurt. He was doing a hell of a lot better with the new Alzheimer’s and dementia cure the CDC had been handing out to people like candy, but he still had a ways to go yet.

“Mom? Hello?” I called again. If she didn’t have the time to talk to me before work, I would have to try calling again afterwards. I could hear her yelling something to dad.

“What?” She finally spoke into the phone. “Rhea? Sweetheart? Are you still there?”

“Yeah mom, I’m still here.”

She sounded distracted. Dad must be causing problems today.

“Oh good,” she sighed. “How are your classes? Second semester treating you okay?” She faked interest. Something else had her attention still. I didn’t blame her, I was used to this.

“They’re good,” I answered, half-heartedly. “How’s dad doing? He’s been on that new medicine for a month now, right?”

“Yeah,” she exhaled, exasperated. “I don’t know. He was doing really well. He was much more lucid than not until a couple days ago. It was wonderful. Now it’s like he can’t stand being inside the house; keeps saying he has to go meet ‘them’, whoever that is. And every time I try to stop him or get in the way he tries to bit me.”

“What?” I cried. “That’s really weird, mom. Are you sure he’s really trying to bite you?”

“I don’t know how else to explain it, sweetie,” she acknowledged. I could hear the disbelief in her voice. She knew it was strange to say dad was trying to bite her, but it was like she couldn’t lie to herself about what had happened. She changed subjects rather quickly though; I think she was trying to keep me from worrying about them while I was so far away. “It’ll be okay. I’m going to take him to the hospital tomorrow so they can do some tests.”

“Is the facility going to be open on a Saturday?” I shot.

“Oh yeah,” she reassured. I could picture her waving her hand as if waving away my concern like it was unwarranted. “They added some hours on the weekend a couple weeks ago in case of emergency.”

“Okay, well, you’ll let me know what they say when you go, right?”

“Of course, dear.”

“Maybe I should just come home,” I hinted. “I can help you take care of dad. I know he’s getting better, but it sounds like you could use the assistance around the house.”

“Assistance – look at you learning and growing up,” she cooed. “We’re doing just fine here. You focus on your studies. I have to go though, your dad’s trying to get into the garage and drive the car again. I’ll talk to you later, sweetheart. Take care of yourself. I love you!”

“Okay, mom, I –” The line went dead before I could finish. With a sigh, I finished my sentence into the receiver anyway. “I love you, too…”

I laid my iPhone on my small desk in my dorm room. My roommate was still in class so I didn’t have to worry about seeing her for a while. She was a music major who I didn’t get along with all that well. Her name was Rachel and she actually had a social life. Her parents were paying for her college so she didn’t need a job, like I did, to keep herself afloat. She partied every weekend while I was waitressing at Zingerman’s Roadhouse. It didn’t bother me, though. The less I had to see her, the better my life was. I had my own friends at the Roadhouse, and in the Chemistry department that I spent some time with.

I had already changed into my work uniform – black t-shirt and pants – before mom called to check in. I had about 15 minutes before I had to be at work for my next shift, but decided to make my way there anyway. Maybe someone there had something interesting going on that would take my mind off my parents. I had to do something or waiting around alone would drive me crazy.

When I arrived, the lunch rush had passed so the parking lot was empty. Most of the morning waitresses had either left or were getting ready to leave the restaurant to those of us on second shift for the on-coming dinner rush. I had gotten to know every waitress employed in this place and they all seemed to like me, so it wasn’t surprising when I walked in greeted by the two left wandering the floor, and the one folding silverware near the kitchen.

“Rhea!” Anita called from near the back of the restaurant. She was refilling salt and pepper shakers, preparing for the next rush. She had milky brown skin, long black hair she always straightened and pulled back into a pony tail, and slightly heavyset. I had a hunch she snuck pickles and other condiments while she was running food out to customers. She was a few years older than me – a senior and English major at the university.

“Hey girl,” I waved. If I had a best friend around here, it was her. I walked up to her and sat in a booth while I watched her pour salt into a shaker and replace it on the table. “What’s going on today?”

“Nothin’,” she pouted. She liked to lead an exciting life, but work and school kept her from that. She still partied every weekend, though. She loved to talk about how she was going to move to New York once she finally graduated.

“Really?” I breathed, incredulously.

“Nah, I’m jus’ playin’,” she laughed. I threw a napkin at her. “You know me, I play just as hard as I work!”

“I’m aware,” I chuckled. She brought me to a party once and I woke up face down in someone’s lawn wearing a white toga. I hadn’t worn one to the party.

“Well, I ain’t got nothin’ like that goin’ on,” she admitted, moving around me to refill the next table’s shakers. “Please, tell me you been watchin’ the news?”

“Uh, no,” I acknowledged. “I’ve been distracted by some stuff with my parents.”

“You need to get yourself some culture, girl,” she teased. “It’s been all over social media too, and I know you been checkin’ that.”

“You got me there,” I responded, impatiently. Whatever it was, I had no idea what she was talking about. What had I missed?

“I guess there have been a lot of people checkin’ into hospitals all over the world,” she hinted. “The only pattern they can find is that they’ve all had doses of that new medication that’s supposed to cure Alzheimer’s or dementia, or whatever.”

“Wow, really?” I couldn’t believe it. If mom knew about this, she would have told me. I heard there was no side effects to the medication, so what was happening?

“Fo’ real,” she nodded. “Scary shit is goin’ down.”

“What are they being admitted with?” I asked. If it was a world-wide epidemic happening, the CDC would be all over it. The news would have listed some sort of symptoms to look out for.

“No idea,” she shrugged. “Everything is still pretty hush-hush right now. Between you and me, though, I think the government is just trying to keep something quiet.”

“Like what?” I wrinkled my nose in disbelief. She wasn’t a huge conspiracy nut, but she did like to entertain a few of them.

“I don’t know, but it can’t be good. This thing was supposed to cure this disease and help others from ever going through it. Now they have a bunch of people all over the world getting sick or whatever for no reason? Sounds to me like them politicians don’t want anyone findin’ out they fucked up.”

“Maybe they just don’t know what’s going on yet,” I hypothesized. “If anyone had died or were in serious danger then we would have heard about it.”

“I suppose you’re right,” she agreed, deflated. “You better go punch in though. You know what’ll happen if you clock in late again.”


I jumped up and rushed over to one of the computers. I made it with a minute to spare. I followed Anita’s lead and started filling up salt and pepper shakers before the dinner rush. No matter how busy the evening got, though, I couldn’t shake the bad feeling I had in the pit of my stomach. My dad had been taking that medication. Is there something wrong with it that no one knew about? It made me nervous thinking about mom taking care of dad all by herself when something could be really wrong.

Okay, I guess she wasn’t completely alone. She had my younger brother – still in high school – to help her when he wasn’t in school. Still, he was a pretty popular kid, so he wasn’t around much during nights and weekends. He grew up not knowing dad very well so he wasn’t keen on helping mom take care of him. Dad started slipping away 10 years ago when Ronnie was only seven. Not enough time to really get to know the real dad.

Either way, I would have to call Ronnie and see if he noticed anything. I couldn’t imagine him taking time away from his friends to pay attention to dad, but it was worth a shot when mom had her hands full. I hadn’t talked to him in a few days anyway so it was time to check in with the troublemaker.

The dinner rush flew by. Anita, me, and two other waiters ran around the floor like chickens with our heads cut off. Anita dropped a plate of food coming out of the kitchen, and I broke a bowl that had hot soup in it in the chaos, yet we managed to keep our customers relatively happy. By the time eight rolled around, I had made $200 in tips. Anita’s shift ended half an hour ago but she was still hanging around waiting for me. We walked out to our cars together, but she seemed anxious.

“Everything okay, Rhea?” She asked when we reached our cars. She had a beat up Ford four door, and I had a used silver BW Bug. We were both situated at the driver’s side door, and she was looking at me over the top of my car.

“Uh, yeah,” I responded, a little confused. “Why? Do I have something on my face or something?”

“Nah,” she giggled, awkwardly. “You just seemed a bit distracted is all. I remembered halfway through the dinner rush that your dad has Alzheimer’s and felt bad. I didn’t want to make you worry or nothin’. I’m sure everything’s fine. The media is just grabbin’ hold of a story and runnin’ with it.”

“You’re probably right,” I smiled. “I’m not worried. Dad’s doing great. If there was something wrong, there’s no way we wouldn’t be notified.”

Feeling better, I waved to my friend and we went our separate ways. She was going home to get ready for a party and I was just going back to my dorm. She may have the day off tomorrow, but I had a morning shift I didn’t want to oversleep for. It wasn’t as lucrative as a Friday or Saturday night shift, but still busy. I wouldn’t be able to slack off simply because I was exhausted from lack of sleep.

I unlocked the dorm room door and walked in as quietly as I could. The lights were off so it was pretty dark. It was strange because I normally had to deal with Rachel rambling to me about her day at this time, but she was nowhere to be found. I was sort of grateful. If she wasn’t here then maybe she found some new friends to pester.

I changed into pajamas consisting of an extra-large t-shirt and sat at my computer checking my social media pages. I picked up my phone but had no notifications. Somehow it was already 9pm. With Stillwater being an hour behind me, I knew my family would still be awake for a while. I didn’t want to worry mom, so I sent Ronnie a text. I had no idea whether he would actually respond or not, but I hoped he would. Since I went away to college, he had grown pretty distance towards me. I went on Facebook to see if he was on but he wasn’t. I would just have to wait and see.

With a sigh, I shut my laptop and crawled into bed. Rachel had hers lofted with a futon underneath, but I kept mine low enough for me to climb into without much effort. It was a lot easier for me after a particularly rough shift at work. I laid my iPhone on my nightstand and snuggled up with my blankets. I wanted to wait to see if Ronnie responded to my text, but as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light.

My alarm woke me up so abruptly that I wasn’t sure where I was. I searched around the room for several seconds before I realized I was lying in my dorm bed. I couldn’t remember what I had been dreaming about, but it had freaked me out to the core. I woke up sweating so much my sheets were soaked. When I had managed to regain my bearings, I noticed that Rachel still wasn’t sleeping in her bed. Sure I didn’t like her as a person, but I still wondered and cared for her well-being.

I rolled onto my side and picked up my iPhone from my nightstand. We had exchanged phone numbers when we first moved in for just such an occasion. Plus, we actually thought we were going to be friends back then. I sent her a quick text asking her where she was before noticing Ronnie hadn’t responded to the text I had sent him last night.

With a sigh, I placed my phone back on the table and forced myself out of bed. I wished I didn’t have to work so much so I could have some relaxation time, but I had responsibilities. I understood why adults told kids not to grow up too fast. I grabbed my shower caddy – with my shampoo, conditioner, razor, toothbrush, soap, and toothpaste – and a towel before casually walking to the shared bathroom and showers. On a Saturday morning, I had the place to myself so I relished the hot water. I had to force myself to shut off the water and walk back to the room to get ready for my morning shift at the restaurant.

Remembering what Anita had said last night, I turned on the TV that Rachel and I shared to watch the news while I dressed. It took a few minutes for me to find a channel that didn’t have Saturday morning cartoons playing, but it was worth the surf. When I did happen upon a news station, a man was in the middle of a story on the new cure and vaccine. At least I was pretty sure he was in the middle of it; I honestly had no idea how far into the story he was.

“…about the new cure and vaccine meant to eliminate Dementia and Alzheimer’s. It has been confirmed by the CDC that there are unforeseen side effects to taking the drugs. They have issued a warning: if you are experiencing abnormal hunger with unusual cravings, erratic behavior, relapse in previous symptoms, and lack of progress with healing, please see your primary care physician for instructions.”

Why did that sound similar to what was happening with dad?

“The CDC also asks that no one take extreme measures,” the newscaster continued. “There is no reason to worry. So far only a handful of those who have been injected with the cure and vaccine have been affected. The situation is going to be resolved by the end of the week. Stay tuned for more updates as we check in with the CDC.”

I tuned out the rest of the stories after that. Not only did we have to worry about those who were plagued with Alzheimer’s and Dementia being affected by these side effects, anyone who had taken the vaccine could be in trouble as well.

Moonlite Clarity – Prologue

It started out like any other day. A full day of college classes and then second shift at the restaurant. The world was still celebrating over the discovery of, not only a cure for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, but a vaccine as well. Just like polio, these diseases were going to be a thing of the past. Another vaccination a child would take growing up to ensure their quality of life in their elder years. No one would have to be lost to these life altering illness again.

I wasn’t lucky enough to be involved in the discovery. I was a first year bio-chemistry major at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. I wanted to be one of the chemists who discovered the cure so that I could have my dad back from Alzheimer’s. Mom was stuck at home in Stillwater, Oklahoma taking care of him. Now that one had been discovered, I didn’t really know what I was going to do with myself. I thought about moving home and getting to know my dad again, but mom wouldn’t let me. School was too important, she would say.

What I didn’t expect – what no one expected – was how lost the entire world was about to become. I lost a bit of myself not knowing what my purpose in life was anymore, but it was nothing compared to the chaos the vaccine brought. No one anticipated the reaction that some people would have to it. Not even the chemists who created and tested the concoction knew what they had unleashed. And only time would tell.